What does it take to be Certified Organic in Canada?

We make food that is good for you, and for the planet!

The potatoes, onions and cabbage that we use in our products are organically grown, with love, on our farm in Strathcona County. As certified organic farm we do not use any chemicals to grow or make our food.

We just completed our third organic certification inspection for both the field where we grow vegetables to use in our pierogi recipes, and our processing facility where we make pierogi. It’s usually during the growing season or while organic products are handled by the operation.

The inspection is a very long process that takes hours. We’ve met all the organic regime requirements and received our two certifications.

We implement sustainable farming practices so that future generations can benefit from foods grown in healthy soils

For you, this means great tasting potatoes for even more amazing pierogi!

We wanted to share with you a couple photos of how we use sustainable farming to create happy plants that produce delicious ingredients.

We practice regenerative farming with minimal till to improve soil health and biodiversity.

This year we created living pathways with Dutch clover in between potato rows because it helps to provide plants with beneficial nutrients and to improve root health. The mulch from mowed clover in our living pathways serves as a fertilizer for our potatoes.

Chicken tractor on the farm

Putting our chickens to work

We have about 20 chickens and they are an important part of safe and sustainable organic vegetable production. Our birds live in a chicken tractor during warmer months. We move the chicken tractor every day so they can feed on fresh pasture. Their manure is distributed back into the soil creating a nutrient-rich material for plants to utilise.

We hope that now you better understand what sets our pierogi apart from others. We infuse our passion for nutritious and sustainable food into every bite, which we hope you will share with your family.

Our Top 3 Organic Pierogi

We would love for you to try the food we work so hard to grow and make. These 3 pierogi are consistently top sellers, and for good reason, they follow traditional recipes and methods while incorporating the best of Canadian organic ingredients.

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