Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Pierogi

Chocolate-Dipped Strawberry Pierogi, on a plate with fresh strawberries
Made with pierogi stuffed with sweet, juicy strawberries, these delectable treats are then coated in rich and decadent dark chocolate for an indulgent experience like no other. Perfect as a special occasion dessert or simply as a tasty treat, this pierogi recipe is easy to make and sure to impress. Try this recipe for your next special occasion dinner, and delight your loved ones!

The Ultimate Pierogi Pizza

Pierogi pizza, cut into slices on a board
Pierogi... on a pizza? Yes, there is such a thing and, yes, it is heavenly! This modern Polonia fusion recipe is a collaboration with our friends at BreadLove and Lakeside Farmstead. We guarantee jaws will drop, eyes will pop, and mouths will salivate.

Loaded Pierogi Salad

Loaded Pierogi Salad on a plate
Summer is our favourite season. We are hard at work on the farm growing the amazing organic veggies that we use in all our recipes. To celebrate our love for summer, we've create this perfectly summer-inspired loaded pierogi salad that layers our Dill Pickle Pierogi with bright summery ingredients like spinach and pickle, delicious eggs and mouth watering bacon.

Pierogi Sheet Pan Bake

Sheet pan pierogi and kielbasa
We love easy weekend brunch ideas, and this Pierogi Sheet Pan Bake with 2 kinds of pierogi, kielbasa and thick-cut bacon nestled on a bed of sauerkraut and fresh cabbage is a quick & easy crowd-pleaser.

Pierogi at the Christmas Table

Every Christmas Eve, Polish peoples look forward to including pierogi as part of their traditional dinner. Like other popular holiday traditions such as turkey at Thanksgiving or latkes at Hanukkah, serving pierogi has been part of our holiday celebration for generations.

What does it take to be Certified Organic in Canada?

We just completed our third organic certification inspection for both the field where we grow vegetables to use in our pierogi recipes, and our processing facility where we make pierogi. It's usually during the growing season or while organic products are handled by the operation. The inspection is a very long process that takes hours. We've met all the organic regime requirements and received our two certifications.